Kenny G Backing Tracks

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The fundamental character with key techniques of Kenny G is available in  31 Saxophone backing tracks at a low price.Our mp3 downloads are renown in smooth jazz category.


31 Kenny G Backing Tracks

  1. A Year Ago     
  2. Against Doctor’s Orders     
  3. Alone     
  4. Always     
  5. Ballada Pour Adeline     
  6. Brazil     
  7. Eastside Jam     
  8. End Of The Night     
  9. Forever In Love     
  10. Everlasting     
  11. G-Bop     
  12. Gettin’ On The Step     
  13. Going Home     
  14. Havana     
  15. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas     
  16. Innocence     
  17. Jasmine Flower     
  18. Let It Snow     
  19. Loving You     
  20. Malibu Dreams     
  21. Morning     
  22. Ocean Breeze     
  23. Paradise     
  24. Rhythm & Romance     
  25. Sentimental     
  26. Silhouette     
  27. Song Bird     
  28. The Joy of Life     
  29. The Moment     
  30. The Moon Represents My Heart     
  31. The Wedding Song     
  32. Theme From The Dying Young     


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